Learn More about some of our past Expeditions


Phantom of the Pines

In the summer of 2018, Adventure Term co-founder Kyle Ritland traveled to South Florida for an investigative look into the past, present, and future of the endangered Florida Panther, the last puma east of the Mississippi River. While the Panther population has grown substantially since its critical low of 30 individuals 30 years ago, it still faces numerous threats to its continued survival, such as habitat destruction, vehicular strike, and human conflict. In the short video, you can hear from locals and experts about their experience with the species, and learn about their current projects working toward its survival. Click on the link above to learn more about the expedition.


Ghost-Dogs of the south

On this week-long winter expedition, Adventure Term team members journeyed in to the swampy forests of eastern North Carolina in search of the very last wild Red Wolves on the planet. There, in the thick folds of forest in the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge, they searched for the remainders of this shy and disappearing species and wove together creative narratives about their expedition. Augmented with interviews with local professionals, advocates, and stakeholders, this expedition encapsulates Adventure Term's dedication to tell engaging stories about imperiled species, despite whatever obstacles the world might throw our way. Click on the hyperlink above ("Ghost-Dogs of the South") to see photos, video, and more content from this expedition. 


The Search for the American Crocodile

In the premiere Adventure Term expedition, six college seniors set off into the Florida Everglades to find and film the "rare and dangerous" American Crocodile in its natural habitat. In kayaks floating on the dark waters of West Lake, their headlamps illuminated the amber eyeshine of more than ten crocodiles lurking in the tangled mangrove roots. Follow the hyperlink above ("The Search for the American Crocodile") to learn more about the expedition, the interviews, the team, and the feature-length documentary that they produced. 


Adventures Unlimited

We are proud of the creative work that our students, instructors, and partners produce beyond the realm of our Adventure Term programs. Follow the hyperlink above to explore content from our independent travels that have taken our collaborators across North and Central America and beyond.