Corporate & Creative Partnerships 

We love collaboration at Adventure Term, and we are excited to partner with corporations, organizations, and individuals who share our core values. Please explore the page below to find out how you can get involved with Adventure Term's next expedition, or contact us personally to design a unique partnership.  

Don't let Bill's reservations concern you - at Adventure Term, we are first and foremost "in it for the science!" However, we recognize the benefits of unique creative relationships with corporations, organizations, and individuals who might have access to the resources that we do not. If you or the people you represent are interested in partnering with Adventure Term through expedition sponsorship, financial contributions, or another form of collaboration, please take a look at the ideas we have dreamed up so far, or contact us directly today!


Product Sponsorship

Our founders have experience working with a number of different businesses in a product sponsorship capacity. If you represent a clothing, gear, equipment, software, or technology company, we can incorporate your product into our creative and publicity materials (including films, social media, and public events). 


Financial Sponsorship

If you would like to support Adventure Term expeditions and educational programs financially, we will list you as a sponsor on our creative and publicity materials, author visual blog and web posts specifically for your platforms, and collaborate to develop engaging talks and presentations for your organization. 

If you are interested in developing a unique partnership with adventure term, you can follow this link to our donations page or contact us directly to discuss your own ideas about collaboration. thank you for considering a partnership with adventure term!