Valle Escondido - Monteverde, Costa Rica

A small family-run hotel within walking distance of both Monteverde proper and the visitor-friendly Santa Elena, Valle Escondido demonstrates the dual commitments of the Monteverde locals: the conservation of the surrounding natural habitat, and the education of those travelers who come to enjoy it.

Hoping to best demonstrate these values, Valle Escondido is in the process of transitioning to a full Permaculture installation, going beyond the ideas of sustainability to create a community that lives in mutual support with the land. Rainwater catchments are used to supply tilapia ponds and irrigate herb gardens, while grey-water systems collect 1000 gallons of water a day from guest showers and laundry, which is then filtered and used to produce food for the cafe.

Above all, this small way-point hopes to show its guests the type of positive relationship travelers can have with the lands they visit. At Valle Escondido, you can experience the waterfalls, rainforest, and amazing animal life of this pristine valley while knowing that you are actively contributing to the preservation of this land and its native species.