One of the most frustrating parts of my job as a media / marketing intern for CIEE's study abroad programs was the fact that most of the photos I considered "good" ended up sitting around on external hard-drives and Dropbox folders, never seeing the light of day or doing what they were supposed to do-- inspiring kids in the United States to sign up for one of our programs and expand their worldview, gain a better understanding of biodiversity, and learn what they could do to lend their hands to conservation causes. By the time that I had climbed the ranks to Program Leader in the summer of 2016, I'd grown fed up with the career path of my photos, and I resolved to change my tactics. When a humpback whale began to breach about a hundred meters from out boat on the warm waters of the south pacific, I positioned myself so that my viewfinder caught both the sure sign of the whale and the logo on the back of Kevin's shirt. It was a total sell-out, bullshit photography moment, but it accomplished what I wanted it to. The next morning, CIEE gave me control of the Global Navigator Instagram account, and I was able to share the "good" photos-- the real photos-- with the world at large.