A delicate glass frog found on Geovanny's land on the Atlantic slope of Costa Rica. I've talked about Geovanny here before, and about the land that he protects and the species that call that forest home. I've talked about the importance of the individual in conservation-- the individual advocate, the individual species-- and I've talked about the ability of charismatic species to act as an umbrella of protection for the web of life around them. These are all things that I have learned in my two years in the jungle; today, I bring them back to the United States, to apply them to my home. But even though I have learned a lot, my ears will still be open. That, I think, is the greatest lesson I can take away from all of it-- to never stop learning. I have seen old men and women here who must know everything by now continuously asking questions, digging deeper, pushing farther; to conquer complacency, hubris, premature retirement, we have to admit that we understand only a fraction of what there is to know, what there is to comprehend, what there is to learn. Empathize with everything you meet. Round out the belt of tools, shore up the skills; it will take it all to save the world.