"Sky Poem" - Easter Sunday, 2016. A swallowtail kite is attacked from below by a kiskadee, the little tyrant. I took this photo on the home stretch of a twelve hour hike from the continental divide in Monteverde down into the Cloud Forest Reserve and even farther down to San Luis- the hot, dry antithesis of misty Monteverde, where cacti grow along the creekside and old men will sell you ice cream from their freezers. As we hiked the gravel road back up into the mountains, a flight of swallowtail kites descended from the wispy clouds above to glide over us in inconsistent lines, making the most of their ambivalence to gravity. It wasn't long before the kiskadees came in to wreck the scene, over-compensating for their size with a penchant for aggression toward the bigger birds; these Napoleons of the sky are known to be nest-raiders, and they do not lack in cunning. We left the fliers to their sky war and ascended up into the clouds again.