The Search for the American Crocodile

In the trip that started it all, six college students leave their comfortable world behind and turn south toward the Florida Everglades, in search of the rare and dangerous American Crocodile. On their way, they'll interview nature documentarian Patrick McMillan and Crocodilian expert Dr. Kent Vliet in order to learn how to study these threatened creatures without impacting their environment. Ultimately, at the southern terminus of the country, the team sets out in their small kayaks, in the silent stillness of the night, to encounter these creatures in their own world, and on their own terms. Adventure Rating: 7/10.

Above, you can take a look at a short trailer for the feature-length documentary, filmed and edited in the field by AT students.


Got an hour to spare? You'll be glad you took a look at the full Adventure Term film, created entirely by students with the guidance of our experienced and adventurous instructors. While this film is arguably dated, it provides a great glimpse into what the inner workings of an Adventure Term expedition are really like. More southern Florida trips are in production - we would love for you to join our team!