These essays by Trevor Ritland examine pressing threats to endangered species, imperiled ecosystems, and the human subjects involved. Trevor's writing is a blend of personal experience and professional reporting, emphasizing the immediacy of these important subjects. 



This short essay explores the phenomenon of “Lazarus Species” — animals that, once considered extinct, have reemerged into the land of the living. From amphibians in the rainforests of Central America to Tasmanian Tigers in the rugged bushlands of Australia, recent rediscoveries from scientists and explorers have inspired hope there might be other “Lazarus Species” waiting to be encountered. Click the title above to read the article.


The Night patrol

After experiencing a catastrophic decline in local fish populations due to unsustainable trawling and long-line fishing, the Chira fishermen formed the Responsible Fisher's Association as a means of self-regulating fishing practices. In the years that followed, the fishers saw the encouraging return of threatened species, but the rebound has come at personal cost; this short piece blends my own experiences on Chira with investigative reporting on the past, present, and future of the island's fragile fisheries, and the men and women working to preserve them. Click the title above to read the article.


Kingfisher: Chasing Forest in the Indio Maiz

The Indio Maiz Biolgical Reserve is one of the last great bastions of protected wilderness in Central America, but it is currently balanced precariously on the edge of oblivion, victim to illegal logging to make room for the incursion of agriculture and cattle farms. In this essay, I recount my experiences traveling deep into Nicaragua's primary forest to investigate the illegal deforestation that threatens to destroy this treasure trove of biological diversity. Click on the title above to read the full article. 


Looking for Red WOlves

In this dispatch originally written for Jetty Apparel, I add a personal perspective to our Adventure Term expedition to eastern North Carolina in search of the last of the wild Red Wolves. This essay covers the history of the reintroduced species and our endeavor to track down the wild Milltail pack without getting bogged down in hard science. Click on the hyperlink above to read the full story. 


Another christmas in the trenches

Need a break from all of this endangered species talk? Check out this short adventure story originally written for Jetty Apparel about a Christmas Eve spent running whitewater on a flooded river. Click on the hyperlink above to read the full essay.