Films by Trevor Ritland

El Dorado: The Search for the golden toad

2019 - 40 minutes

30 years ago, the last Golden Toad on the planet disappeared into the high cloud forests of Monteverde, Costa Rica, never to be seen again. As the first terrestrial extinction to be linked to climate change, the toad’s disappearance sparked our modern approach to environmental conservation. But in the quiet mountain town of Monteverde, rumors persist of scattered sightings and unconfirmed encounters, and some scientists and local residents still hold out hope that the Golden Toad might, someday, come back. Join Trevor Ritland and the Adventure Team as they travel deep into Monteverde’s long-shuttered trails on a search for “El Dorado.”

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2018 - 10 minutes

On this week-long winter expedition, Trevor and his team journeyed in to the swampy forests of eastern North Carolina in search of the very last wild Red Wolves on the planet. Driven by interviews with local conservationists, advocates, and stakeholders, this short documentary film encapsulates Trevor's commitment to tell engaging stories about imperiled species for a broad and general audience. 

Monarch: On the Trail of North American Royalty

2017 - 15 minutes

Follow along with Trevor Ritland as he traverses the state of Arizona to learn about the importance of the monarch butterfly and the incredible migration that the species undertakes each year.


2015 - 75 minutes

In the winter of his senior year of college, Trevor and his twin brother led a group of their fellow students into the Florida Everglades in search of the rare and misunderstood American Crocodile. In kayaks floating on the dark waters of West Lake, their headlamps illuminated the amber eyeshine of this ancient keystone species, and lit the spark of adventure storytelling that continues to fuel Trevor's contemporary expeditions.