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Explore our podcast library for exciting dispatches from the field, conversations about pressing environmental topics, scary stories, and expedition narratives from Adventure Term students and team members.


Episode 4: The Search for the Golden Toad

When the Golden Toad disappeared from the cloud forests above Monteverde, Costa Rica almost 30 years ago, it sparked our modern understanding of climate change’s effect on the planet’s biodiversity. But across the three decades since the iconic amphibian’s last sighting, some scientists and local residents have held out hope that the species might return. Join AT co-founder Trevor Ritland as he travels back in time on a search for “El Dorado.”


Episode 3: Black Footed Ferrets

Join AT co-founder Trevor Ritland and Program Developer Adam Stein as they spend two nights spotlighting for Black Footed Ferrets in Northern Arizona. Once widely thought to be extinct, successful reintroduction programs and volunteer efforts have brought this species back from oblivion, but their future is not secured. Check out this audio piece to learn more about how citizen scientists and community members are lending their hands to protect the Black Footed Ferret. Recorded by Trevor Ritland and Adam Stein. Edited by Trevor Ritland.


Episode 2: Looking for Red wolves

Tag along with the Adventure Team on their journey into eastern North Carolina in search of the last of the imperiled Red Wolves. Recorded by Kyle Ritland, Trevor Ritland, Alannah Leblanc, and Priscilla Palavicini. Edited by Trevor Ritland. Original music by Kolea Coody. 


Episode 1: Bird Story

Here's one from the archives! Before AT even existed, Trevor Ritland went out with an audio recorder to capture Kyle's search for the Green Kingfisher in southern Arizona. Strap in, because this one is a bumpy ride...