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On the border

The southwestern borderlands of North America are some of the most biodiverse and fragile ecosystems on the planet, and new proposals for unsustainable development have thrown the future of these habitats into uncertainty. In this 8-day expedition, students will travel with experienced AT biologists and storytellers through the borderlands in search of three imperiled species - a bird, a reptile, and a big cat - and a deeper understanding of our impact on these important habitats. Students will work together to produce a documentary film, creative article, photojournalism portfolio, and audio podcast.

Positions available: students, interns

June, 2019


El Dorado: The search for the golden toad

At the twilight of the twentieth century, the world's last Golden Toad vanished into the elfin forest of Monteverde, Costa Rica, never to be seen again. Following its disappearance, the Golden Toad became a mascot for a global amphibian decline exacerbated by climate change, but the species' celebrity has done nothing to revive it from the clutches of extinction. Now, Adventure Term co-founder Trevor Ritland will lead an expedition into the cloud forests of Central America in an effort to put the mysterious pieces of the amphibian's past, present, and future back together. The expedition will culminate into a journey deep into untouched cloud forest in an effort to rediscover El Dorado. 

Positions available: intern

Summer, 2019


Stay tuned for updates - our Adventure Term staff is hard at work developing expeditions for Winter, Spring, and Summer 2020.

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