Exploration Education Communication


Our Mission

The mission of Adventure Term is to give budding adventurers, naturalists, and creatives the tools they need to direct their passions toward the exploration and conservation of our natural resources,  ecosystems, and wild animals. Through methods in experiential learning, Adventure Term students study topical North American environmental issues and learn the skills to effectively communicate their experiences to the world at large. 


Evolution through discovery

Venture into the wild to enhance your understanding of the planet’s web of life. 

Study the importance of apex predators in your pursuit of Florida Panthers, Canadian Lynx, and American Crocodiles. Delve into the history of storytelling and compose your own narratives on the trail of the Mexican Gray Wolf. Analyze the effects of climate change by following the migratory path of the monarch and search for the mysterious Mountain of the Butterflies. Examine indigenous storytelling and culture in the old-growth forests of the mystical Spirit Bear. 

Since its conception in 2014, Adventure Term has worked to push the boundaries of experiential learning and creative media production to teach skills that cannot be learned in the classroom, and to add a dash of adventure to the standard academic coursework. With each new program, students and interns travel to a unique part of the country to delve into new and pressing issues in conservation, natural resource management, and ecosystem stability— and learn the skills required to tell the tale. At each program’s conclusion, students return having produced finely-crafted firsthand accounts of their experiences in a variety of different mediums — from professional documentaries and academic articles to works of fiction and creative narratives. 

Every program is built to specifically serve the interests of the students involved.

Whether you are:

  •  a writer interested in storytelling techniques and narrative structure;
  • a student of biology looking for conservation case-studies;  
  • a photographer or videographer in search of elusive subjects and unexplored locales;
  • or an explorer at heart not sure which field of study to pursue; 

Adventure Term will work with you to make sure our expeditions suit your interests, passions, and desires. 

Adventure Term has two distinctive paths of study: 

  • Join an Expedition: enliven your summer, winter, or spring break by joining us on an upcoming expedition. Work closely with our program leaders to plan your unique role in our trip, and collaborate with our academic staff to earn college credit for your Adventure Term experience. Work with us to design an internship or field position specifically for your interests and talents. 
  • Choose Your Own Adventure: work with our experienced expedition coordinators to plan a trip of your own, integrating your unique coursework and areas of interest. Plan your trip around your own schedule and embark on the adventure you’ve been dreaming of, supported and accompanied by our staff of professionals in the field. Our Adventure Term team is excited to work with institutions of higher education to augment coursework with experiential learning in the field. 


Fortune favors the adventurous. Sign up for a course today.